You can work with a list of 180 assets. These are currency pairs, stocks, raw materials, as well as indices. You can study the full list of assets on the website in the “List of assets” section of the broker’s website.

The binary options trading platform is designed to realize the potential of not only professionals, but also beginners. In addition to an intuitive and understandable interface, you get a training center. has a wealth of useful literature, introductory lessons, webinars, and individual practical lessons. Technical support works 24 hours a day and will be happy to answer all your questions.

You do not need additional software to work on the binary options platform – all the necessary tools are located directly on the site. This speeds up and facilitates preparation for trading on options. You only need to register, activate your trading account and start trading.

To get started, create a trading account. To enter your personal data on the “Open Account” page, and fill out all the necessary fields in the registration form. After registration, enter funds for trading on your account. The broker provides a wide selection of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, and you just have to start your first trading.

The Broker Platform is officially licensed, and is subject to the regulatory requirements of the Euro Union. In view of this, a sophisticated SSL cryptographic system is used to protect data and money – this is a kind of system used by banks.

Customer funds are stored separately from company funds and are monitored every day.

According to EU law, in order to protect your account and funds on it, a regulated broker is required to verify each trading account. In accordance with the laws of regulation, the broker has the right to require an identity card and a document confirming the address of the trader’s permanent residence.

To contact our technical support, you can use live chat, write an e-mail, and call a toll-free number. Technical support works 24 hours a day and provides support in the language that was specified when opening the account.

In order to change your data, you should go to the “Personal Information” tab and change your personal information in the “My Account” section.

Control is carried out by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). In addition, we are controlled by the UK Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA).

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is an organization that monitors, accredits and audits brokerage firms and brokers in Cyprus. Ensures that all regulatory conditions are met and the services provided do not contradict the legislation of both Cyprus and the European Union.

Asset trading is certainly an exciting and interesting activity. However, first of all, this is a serious job that requires certain skills and discipline. If the company cooperates with an official company for regulation and accreditation, then you can be sure that your funds will be in safe hands. In addition, such cooperation involves the insurance of trader accounts. The platform provides an isolated account for each trader, the funds on which are monitored by the company’s security department.

An isolated account is controlled by CySEC separately from the company’s accounts, which allows you to objectively monitor the finances on it. As a result of this, the conclusion and input of it is carried out without problems in any way convenient for you.

In accordance with regulatory requirements, the broker carries out a request for withdrawal of funds within 48 hours after the filing of the application. If you are the owner of a VIP account, then the withdrawal will be carried out within 24 hours after application.

Step 1: You need to log in, go to the “My Account” section and click the “Make a Deposit” button;

Step 2: Choose the payment method that is most suitable for you, enter the valid details of a credit card, bank account or any of the active electronic wallets;

Step 3: Click “DEPOSIT” and you can start trading. Important! If you deposit money from electronic wallets, then it will take two hours to two days to process the data. On the “Payment Method” page, you can familiarize yourself with the conditions for replenishing the balance in more detail.

The SWIFT code is a unique bank identification number required for conducting intra-bank operations. You can find it out by contacting the branch of the bank whose client you are. If the received code consists of only 8 digits, then add XXX at the end.

In the “My Account” section, click the “Withdraw funds” button, then in the proposed field enter the amount you want to withdraw. Important! In exceptional cases, the duration of the transfer can be up to 7 days. Please note that the money comes to the account from which it was credited.

To start bidding, the minimum amount is $ 250.

No, the broker does not charge a commission for either replenishing your balance or withdrawing your personal funds.

Access to the trader’s account is available around the clock 7 days a week. Trading hours are determined by the opening hours of international exchanges, called trading sessions. You can find out more about trading sessions on the Asset List page.

Declared price is the price at which a broker sells a specific asset. This price is formed by proprietary algorithms and is not determined by the real market price. For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions page.